*I had a session with Beth: She explained that she would create a bracelet for me based on the information she received from the reading. I have to admit that I had a preconceived idea of what that bracelet would look like. 


        Beth’s reading was spot on. She was able to capture the energy of things moving through my life along with the intentions I was creating in my coaching practice. After the reading, I ran a quick errand while she created the bracelet. Upon my return, she presented me with my beautiful bracelets. While the main bracelet (purple stones) looked nothing like I expected, I knew it was meant for me the moment I laid eyes on it.


        With all of the changes going on in my life, I find myself wearing my bracelets every day. They provide me with a calm, confidence. They are like an “energy supplement” that help keep me connected to Source and Self. I highly recommend the work Beth does through both her readings and her jewelry and look forward to getting additions as my journey progresses.


Thanks Beth.


Linda Minnick, Life Coach



 *I have purchased several of Beth's uniquely-designed bracelets, and each one

 is not only beautiful and special, but also has its own wonderful energy 

and healing powers. I have noticed that I feel more confident, powerful, and intuitive when I wear them, because those are some of the qualities that my bracelets are helping me with. Before creating a bracelet, Beth uses her psychic abilities to determine which stones 

to use that will help the person the most.         

        It is amazing how beautiful each bracelet turns out to be, and how good you feel just by wearing it. She also provides a description of the stones in the bracelet as well as the healing properties.

         I highly recommend getting a bracelet from Beth, because I think she may be the only one who is creating such fabulous and beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry that has its own energy and healing powers tailor-made for the wearer! 


This is coming from the heart, because I just love all my bracelets so much!


Kathleen, Smyrna, Ga.


*I had the pleasure of taking Sacred Flames Reiki class taught by Beth Rennie and it is excellent! Beth is a great teacher who explains things in a clear and straightforward way.                                                             The book that accompanies the class is very informative and well written. It is a wonderful reference source for all that was covered in the class.

I had never taken a Reiki class before and Beth did a great job of explaining concepts in an easy to understand way.


I highly recommend Beth's class!!


Kathleen Robinson

*I just had a reading today and it blew me away! Beth was spot on and so easy to talk to! I felt very relaxed and happy to talk with her. Everything she said was extremely accurate and very honest. Beth is a very gifted psychic and all her readings are well worth the money! Book an appointment with Beth today! You will love it!! 

Thanks Beth! 


Jewell Maul (Psychic Crystal Healer)

9/3/16 Reading 

*Beth is a very special person with many gifts to share; she has a keen intuition and uses that gift to accurately interpret the Tarot cards. I have had several readings with Beth and each is spot on. Besides all that, Beth is a brave, courageous, warm, loving, generous and beautiful Spiritual Warrior Princess! And I love ya, Beth!!


Julie Gardner 7/25/16

*As always, my reading from Beth today was very enlightening. She touched upon some points that I had thought about; however, she confirmed my intuitive feelings exactly. I love the way Beth went over each of the areas and showed the tarot layout so that I could see the cards myself even though it was not done in person. She mentioned the antelope and the gazelle, which apparently are now part of my animal totem. Their characteristics provided an excellent explanation for my feelings and circumstances. As always, I am going to follow Beth's excellent reading and look forward to the amazing outcomes! Thank you, , Beth. As always, I recommend Beth with the highest marks if you are desiring a compassionate, skilled, ethical, and honest intuitive session!


Jamela Franklin 7/11/2016

*I am quite pleased to receive a reading that confirms my very strong feeling about some upcoming events. Beth is very intuitive and you will be very happy with the insight you gain from a consultation. Thank you, Beth!


Kathy P 2016

*I took the Sacred Flames Reiki class at the Center for Enlightened Learning (Beth Rennie), because I didn’t know too much about Reiki.  

I loved that the course was on an introductory level, and that my instructor Beth was very informative.  

She was able to break down the concepts, without talking down. Beth was great at bringing in real world examples, and examples from my own experiences. 

Both the class and the instructor were informative and non-pressured.   From this experience I know that I will take more courses at the Center and with Beth. 



- Rev. Ken Gunter