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Review of Hekate Tarot

Hekate Tarot

A Tool of Transformation

by: Tinnekke Bebout & Hope Ezerins

Edited by: Tara Sanchez

I would like to start by saying that I have no experience in reviewing Tarot cards and systems. I also do not know the creators of this deck and system. I will do my very best to give a review of this deck and system.

When I received this deck it came packaged in a plastic shrink-wrap and a brown packing envelop. The accompanying book is large 3 1/2” X 6’ and 59 pages long. The cards themselves are large (2 1/2” X 5”) they are thin, but the have a satin finish that allows them to slide through your hands, there are 66 cards with Major Arcana and four suits. I love the acknowledgment, forewords, and introduction, very personal with lots of heart and soul. You can tell that the most intimate parts of the creators have been included in this deck.

This deck is created as a five fold path rather than a traditional three fold path. The Major Arcana includes the 0 guide card and 25 others. There is a beautiful explanation of this in the guide book. The suits include ace-10 with no court cards. The system is well thought out and clearly defined in the companion book.

The art work is beautiful and very feminine. I loved the care and explanation of each card in the companion book. 

Please see photo.

I would recommend this deck for a closer look at the feminine mystic and Hekate.

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