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Life is Fluid.......not static

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

As I move through life and learn all I can from so many different sources, some known and some hidden. I begin to see how fluid life actually is. We become so stuck in the life we have that sometimes we wail, lash out and gnash our teeth against the change. Of course we can never really stop the change with these actions and it can actually lead to more misery. I know you have heard of the the term “ GO with the Flow” well I am here to tell you that this is exactly what we are meant to do, of course please use your rudder for guidance!!  We wouldn't want you crashing against the shore or sinking other peoples ships!! This is one of the main problems with this premise and peoples interpretations, going with the flow does not mean doing nothing!! It means gather all the facts about the journey ahead and gathering the appropriate gear for the journey. If you are being lead to a different life than the one you have, then do your very best to look for all the information about this and turn your bow in that direction using your rudder. What are some signs it is time for a change? Your current life no longer creates joy, you long for something more, you are bored, your relationships begin to fall apart, the changes that are happening are so uncomfortable that you just can not stand to be in the space any longer. This can happen in relationships, careers, location (i,e Housing, city, state, etc.). When this starts to happen take a close look at the people around you, are they just as unhappy, could releasing them create a joy for them, that they may not even realize?  Has your neighborhood changed?  Has your state changed? Do you dread going into work everyday? Now is the time to begin the process of letting go. So many times in life we stay in situations for so much longer than we should for the simple fact we are afraid!  FEAR is our enemy, it holds us back from the very best in our lives. Fear of hurting people, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change. There are so many more example of fear are out there, I am sure you could come up with a few of your own if you looked at your life and the way you make decisions.  Where do these fears come from? I know for myself a lot of my fear comes from the scripts that were handed to me as a child, the things that sink into our subconscious and lead us around by the nose for longer than they should. The Expectations that others place on us and the expectations we place on ourselves. Examples of these would be our religious beliefs, they way we eat, how we view others, these are just few examples I could go on and on.  So how do we change this? Awareness, of your self and how you relate to others, of the way others see you and how you see yourself. Being aware that there are discrepancies in the way you want things to be and the way they are actually happening can give you insight into how to make the changes in your psyche. If your are constantly amazed at how often you are misunderstood, then maybe you need to look at how your are communicating, if you are looked down at or frowned upon for your actions, then maybe you need to evaluate the situation. Not necessarily to change your actions, but maybe change your environment and the people you allow in your life. Just maybe you have outgrown the people you are associating with.  Open you eyes and your heart welcome the change as you would the rain, wind and storms for the the good they bring. Know that life will always be fluid and if you don't make the choices for yourself then the choices will be made for you, trust me that 2x4 will swing and then the change will be more drastic. Keep a journal and reread it, see how your life is flowing. As always listen to that small still voice and know that you are not alone! We are all navigating this thing called life.   

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