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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We have settled down for a while. Rob is working for RTD in Boulder, CO. and we are living in Golden, CO. I am currently working part-time at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden and in exchange the allowing us to live there for free. This was a big relief for us since we could not find any long term parking for our RV. We were staying at the camp ground on Buckley Air force base, but they only allowed 15 day stay during season. (May-Sept.) this is common at most of the campgrounds here. I am learning all kinds of new skills some of which I would rather not know. All in all it is not a very hard job, just dealing with political and office dynamics is not really my thing.Sometimes it seems that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and I get caught in the middle. I am also not used to working 8 hours at a time and am tired.      All that being said, I am extremely happy with the situation!! Rob and I love it here, the air is so clear and the weather is just right for me. We have been through two major snow storms and it was really not a big deal. The snow melts within a day or two and the temps have been up in the high 60's and low 70's on average with NO humidity!!      We are really missing our granddaughters and hope that they can come for a visit this summer. Our little dogs are happy to be settled, but they are not so sure about being left in their kennels everyday :( but I promise they are still being spoiled.        I finally unpacked all my crystals and stuff, I have not unpacked it in the last several moves we made and was feeling like I would never be able to again. Rob kept asking me when I was going to unpack and I did not have the heart to until I knew we were staying somewhere for a while. Now the inside of our trailer is happy and so ZEN!! I just love how it feels to be surrounded by my crystals. There are several metaphysical shops here in the Denver and surrounding area, so far I have only visited 1, but it is so much better than northern Fl. and southern Ga. where the closest ones were over an hour away. I have begun to attend some Meetup groups and hope that I can make some new friends. I miss my friends and the support from the community in Atlanta. You never know until something is gone how much it really meant to you. Being an introvert I have a harder time making myself go to events and meetups, there is nothing wrong and I am not suffering from anything, I just like to spend time putzing around and being by myself. It is when I do need to bounce something off someone or would like to go grab a coffee and talk, that I realize I have not made a ton of friends. My one friend here is really busy with her business, life and also now lives on the the other side of Denver that we have a hard time getting our schedules to sync.       So here I am my 19th anniversary is Monday and my 51st Birthday is May 10th. I am happy and excited about what is coming next! Life moves so fast I can hardly believe it has been a year since we hit the road. If you have any questions about life on the road or just questions about life in general make sure to comment below.     I am still doing readings via the phone and email. 

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